Editorial – by Managing Director Alexander De Beir


Are you different?

Times like this oblige us to reflect on our differences. Whether rational or emotional, our contrasting reactions to certain situations require a moment to ask ourselves the real questions.

In his bestseller "De meeste mensen deugen", the Dutch historian, journalist and writer Rutger Bergman enlightens us and reconciles us with our own humanity.

Reading it, one will perhaps think of a giant of 19th century literature, the Russian Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who teaches us that among other things "We are all good fellows — except the bad ones, of course. Yet, I shall observe in passing that among us, perhaps, there are no bad people at all — maybe, only wretched ones. But we have not grown up to be bad. ». Other philosophers, economists, famous or more discrete sociologists abound in the same direction: although all different from each other, we initially share this desire to do good.

Another reality

In the current context, which is particularly sensitive, divisive and polarizing, there are two visions of society, two approaches or appreciations of science are opposed. Nevertheless, frustrations are exacerbated and it is difficult to see the good in those who are the opposite of their own convictions. I confess, I myself find it difficult to bear the hatred that I see spreading in the streets of our capital, as was the case last weekend. A wind of skepticism that I cannot share, worse, a rejection of certain values that are supposed to unite us, ends up bringing together sensitivities that are so different that they would not even have shared the same sidewalk in other times. For some the whole manifestation transformed into violence, destruction, vandalism. Pity. Today, so much negative – unnecessary- energy is deployed by people who, in other circumstances or if their lives had perhaps been different, would not have taken this path of rejection of science, civics, solidarity. I am aware that these lines will not please those who fight vaccines that are supposed to protect us, to protect them. But, in any case, my ambition is not to polemicize or provoke. As I also sometimes question certain points of view, I educate myself to better understand. I am healthily curious and I would like to invite each of to do the same and see another reality.

Get us out of here Plato 

In these somewhat dark times, we must dare to go out to go to the light, science.

To discover what we are capable of we must come out of this cave of Plato in which we contemplate only our shadow. All of us have been shaken up - in one way or another - by this pandemic. It has raised questions about our daily lives, our way of living and of working

. Like in every crisis, every delicate situation, we always endure a positive element that pushes us to progress in our quality as humans. This new edition of TIP-IM is an invitation to reflect on differences, but also on what can make THE difference, in our own personal or professional life, but also somewhere, in our relationship with humanity.


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