Editorial: No lockdown for expertise

by Alexander De Beir - Managing Director ADM

Transition, transformation or transmission:  

listen to the experts

These times have sown doubt even among the most experienced leaders. What will tomorrow’s world look like? Will the economy of the future, driven by geopolitical conflicts and challenged by digitalization, allow their companies to continue to prosper in its current form? Today, lots of strategic issues are emerging.

The COVID-19 crisis, with the containment and telework it has brought along, will undoubtedly also have changed the perspective of some business leaders and made them question their company’s structure and effectiveness and how it operates.

No lockdown for expertise

The past year has undoubtedly had the advantage that it has allowed, by necessity, oneself time for introspection. But the need for others, their opinion and their know-how is now felt stronger than ever.

"Should I continue on my own or open my capital to an investor partner in order to manage the years to come? Won't I grow faster by acquiring a competitor? Would a merger make it easier for me to conquer new growth markets? Is it time to think about the future of my business “after me”? Pass on the keys of what I have built to the next generation? And if so, should I seek my successor in my inner circle, amongst my collaborators or look elsewhere?” 

In this new TIP-IM, we deepen the idea of openness and transmission. And we look at the role that Interim Management can play in this phase of a company's life.

We know that these operations are often delicate, as they can bring about their share of cultural, generational and entrepreneurial differences. It is therefore not surprising that in Belgium, a special event, Week van de bedrijfsoverdracht (week of the company transmission), is dedicated every year to this sensitive theme.

Being supported by an experienced interim profile can be very useful, especially when he/she has specialized in transition situations (merger, sales, etc.)

Medium- to long-term thinking

Of course, today, many executives are eager to continue to hold the reins of their businesses. In the face of the adversity which we have experienced and which continues to plague us, they are proving resilient. I take my hat off to them. We need courageous and persevering minds. We like to make them aware, however, that asking advice from a high-level external profile could make them discover new opportunities that sometimes remain unexplored.

In this new edition, we are happy to give the floor to Joseph Baert, a specialist in corporate finance advice, focusing on guiding entrepreneurs in takeovers, mergers and transfers. He tells us more about the role which, in his opinion, an Interim Manager can play in the process of passing on a business.

We also give some advice to high-ranking independent profiles to assert their added value in the context of a possible transmission, merger or takeover.

Finally, let's not forget. The transmission of knowledge as a business is not so much about getting rid of something but rather about strengthening the acquirer’s business by skills or property. With a sense of pride and satisfaction with a job well done.

The role of an Interim Manager can be paramount in the preparation and enhancement of this transmission.

Enjoy the read and...don't hesitate to pass it on!

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