Editorial: Never say “I am not creative”

by Alexander De Beir - Managing Director ADM

The educational system in which we grew up has not always stimulated us to develop our talents, to dig into our imagination. To suggest a different answer than THE correct one, expected by the transmitters of knowledge.

So today, in an uncertain world, faced with our questions that do not have ONE answer, we sometimes doubt, lose control & confidence, and feel disturbed.

This new issue of TIP-IM is a frank and straightforward appeal for people to embrace and tap into their creativity.

When an invisible enemy hits us by surprise, it is normal for us to remain groggy for a moment. But the time has come to get back up on our feet. To react and hit back. As we already discussed recently, artificial intelligence can help us to make our (professional) life easier by taking over certain tasks. At the same time, this will also give us more space and energy to strengthen and develop what distinguishes us from a machine, what makes us human and thus exceptional. It is our ability to think outside the traditional patterns, the primary reflex, to open other horizons of creativity and invention.

Human nature is so constituted that prosperity tends to make us less dynamic and more lazy. On the other hand, periods of crisis, such as wars, have seen the emergence of a multitude of ideas and inventions from the human brain. Their first application, often meant for military activities, later gave rise to new applications, peaceful new products for new markets.

Nylon tights, microwave ovens, silly putty, scotch tape, digital photography and UV lamps are all inventions that survived the crises of the 20th century during which they were born, and went on to grow into big businesses around the world and create millions of jobs.

Today, in this period of mandatory isolation, we are waging a new global war against an invisible army. At the same time, other extremely violent battles, whether verbally or physically, try to shake up the fundamental principles of our civilization, our democracies. It is time for all of us to walk through the door that leads to our unsung or unrecognized creativity. It will allow us to devise ingenious and humane solutions to the problems that we face.

Business leader, executive, it is up to you to think "out of your bubble" to imagine the prosperity of tomorrow's world. Independent manager, it is up to you to wake up the bosses, even if you sometimes hit where it hurts. Interim Manager, you are often only passing through, but you will be proud to see that your pragmatic creativity will leave a lasting imprint in the organizations that have trusted you.

In a company, reviving latent creativity internally is certainly not always an easy task. Here too, the temporary but skilled contribution of an external person can come at the right time to open new entrepreneurial and organizational paths.

Maybe you don't feel in the mood to open your mind right now. Maybe you feel that the current environment is frustrating and full of anxiety ? The good news is that it is scientifically proven that strong negative emotions, such as anger, can result in powerful reflective thought, if managed in a way to transform the energy they generate into something positive.

In this TIP-IM edition, we describe what the Creative Manager of tomorrow, the one who also knows how to "write the future history of his collaborators" may look like. And we also look back at some success stories of companies that have been able to reinvent themselves or impose themselves by their creativity.

Come on, let's go! The ball is in our court! The Game is on!

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