We prepare, you perform

Editorial – by Managing Director Alexander De Beir

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

At ADM, we make it a priority to prepare our Interim Managers as well as possible for the missions that may be entrusted to them. This is done in two stages. The first step may distinguish us from many competitors, that being that it just takes place… before entrusting a specific assignment. We regularly take time to engage in conversation with our IM's. This allows us to properly assess how they are evolving, what additional experience they have gained, what fascinates and concerns them.

This offers an indisputable advantage: when a client entrusts us with a new mission, we know perfectly who is the best-placed manager at that moment to accomplish that ‘mission’. In other words, we literally and figuratively gain precious time. We save ourselves and our clients time by presenting them an appropriate profile in less than a week. In return, we appreciate our clients clearly defining the project, the expectations associated with it and the role expected of the Interim Manager. It is essential that internal communication within the client company is smooth and transparent: this prevents internal tensions, prejudices and mistrust. Provided communication is smooth, the clients’ team will know that the Interim Manager is not out to take the job away from anyone, but rather to assist the teams and help them become even better.

Act what you preach

Of course, we can only be credible ourselves if we impose impeccable discipline on ourselves in terms of preparation. At ADM, good preparation makes it possible to perfectly follow up all dossiers, to not miss an opportunity to take a talented Interim Manager under our wing, and to save companies time by relieving them of the laborious search for the white raven. It also allows us to free up enough time for creativity, an essential part of our job.

Prepared for what’s coming?

Besides the day-to-day preparations, we also need to think more long term about what we can or should expect from 2023. Some are pronouncing the "R" word. Others see no omens of difficult times for their own business, but rather how their corporate culture has managed to adapt positively to the ever-changing world. At ADM, we notice a clear trend towards the use of temporary high profiles in the labor market. In the face of a scarcity of talented profiles, our focused and quick approach makes all the difference. Perhaps a flexible attitude in the management structure - in an increasingly inter-connected world where information circulates faster and faster - will become more important. Don't worry, we are already prepared for it. To relieve you of all your worries!

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