Connected free trade

The 4rth edition of our End of Summer Business event was a great success. The Belgium Hong Kong Society promotes free trade and cultural exchange between Europe and China. We are convinced that these exchanges will lead to mutual understanding and eventually world peace.

Semiconductors are the new currencies in today’s world. Developed in Europe and America and produced in China and Taiwan, they are the subject of geopolitical tensions between nations. How can we secure our supply without closing cross border collaboration. Do we have to produce them more in Europe or should we continue to rely on Taiwan and America for production of these essential components in all our day-to-day tools and vehicles?

I personally draw some enriching conclusions from the presentations and the engaging conversations afterwards:

First, the need to safeguard free trade and freedom of commerce has never, in my opinion, been so clearly felt and expressed. We are experiencing troubling times, yet entrepreneurship is ever present. Across borders, and certainly from Europe to Asia, people are expressing their will to be connected with each other to strive for ever better services and products that can benefit the entire planet.

The topic of this seminar clearly demonstrated that Europe has exceptional know-how and infrastructure to continue to play a significant role in highly strategic and essential sectors. With partners from around the world, such as Hong Kong, whose role as a hub of entrepreneurship and expertise in Asia remains undeniably crucial. We have an exceptional ecosystem today in Europe and Belgium in particular when it comes to semiconductors. Research and development on the one hand and, at the same time, companies at the cutting edge of technology, make "more than more" possible with ever smaller, more diversified premium products, on the other hand. This is an extremely hopeful sign for our economy.

Finally, the "sense of urgency" for a peaceful world in which attention to climate change plays a leading role and is shared by more and more business leaders. No entrepreneurship, no progress, without attention for the ecological environment which we will hand over to future generations. Let this be our inspiration for the future.

I look forward to the next End of Summer Business Seminar in September 2023 and I hope to see many of you there!

Alexander De Beir

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