Project economy at full speed

ADM is growing… internally and externally!

In September, the red thread at ADM is growth and progress, which illustrates itself on various levels.

Project economy at full speed

The past few months clearly showed that the project economy is gaining momentum. More and more companies are looking for a suitable Interim Management profile to fulfill specific assignments, help bridge transition periods successfully, act with flexibility and experience in an ever-evolving economic context.

Answering to the above are talented, entrepreneurial profiles who see the constructive succession of their own new challenges as cornerstones of their social and intellectual enriching careers. We are pleased to be a growing link between companies and Interim Managers, both of whom are increasingly calling on our services.

Expanding the “A-team”

Consequently, to meet this demand, we have enthusiastically welcomed two new recruits into our Ghent office.

Géraldine Claeys, started her professional career in a marketing agency specializing in the IT and telecom sector after completing her Master's degree in commercial sciences, with option marketing. This exciting first job quickly enabled her to interact with a wide variety of profiles, from financial director, to commercial director or even General Manager. Starting as a marketeer, Géraldine quickly grew to become team leader and General Manager where she led a team of 25 people in Belgium and afterwards, she joined one of her clients in the IT world after this company asked her to make the switch.


This experience as General Manager provided a first unique opportunity to master other aspects within a professional environment, from HR to strategy. "I quickly felt that I wanted to evolve further in this sector of people management, that my real passion was here”. Géraldine therefore grounded herself smoothly in her new career in Interim Management.

When ADM asked her to join the team in Ghent, Géraldine did not hesitate for one second: "In the Interim Management sector, I find the necessary variety in contacts with clients. Unburdening companies with the various needs and challenges they face on the one hand, and supporting freelancers on the other hand, especially in aspects I have experienced myself: I am looking forward to that with great enthusiasm". The sporty (she dances and plays tennis) Géraldine also knows that at ADM she will find the necessary professionalism and honesty to which she personally attaches particular importance. "Values like client-driven and entrepreneurial match perfectly with my own personality and vision".

Victoire Mast has also recently joined the Ghent office. This young, new rookie with interests in hockey, design and art - among other things - started as a Junior Consultant this summer. During that period, she was already learning a huge amount in Alexander De Beir's team, she says. "ADM offers me a wonderful opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and grow in this sector. This company guarantees quality and professionalism. Convinced of what we do and where our added value lies, we always lift companies and Interim Managers to a higher level. At the same time, we remain true to our principles, such as never making promises we cannot keep".

With Géraldine and Victoire on board, "the A-team" is ready for the next challenge!

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