Interview with VP Finance Nadia Verwilghen

Nadia Yaiche – Verwilghen, VP Finance at iStar Medical, knows the world of Interim Management well. She has often used Interim Managers throughout her career, but has also been involved in Executive Interim Management assignments herself. Nadia considers this approach to be a very effective solution, especially when it comes to meeting a specific need: assisting in a project with a defined time frame, when a company lacks the in-house skills to carry out the work.

Freedom of speech and action 


Nadia appreciates this form of collaboration among other things in transformation projects, as it enables quick access to resources with great flexibility over time. "Whether it's a restructuring or a merger or something else, not having to worry about political considerations is a great asset that offers great freedom for someone who comes from outside and is only passing through.'

« Plug and play » 


Nadia also did not hesitate to use the services of Interim Managers for the implementation of ERP programs, which can be very impactful for an entire business. According to her, the Interim Manager can have a different but equally valid function here, namely to replace people in their daily operational business in order to free up their time to work on the ERP project. Thus, the Interim Manager endorses a "plug-and-play" function and smoothly takes over the daily work of an executive of the company.

Both in the financial field, from accounting to CFO through business controller, as well as in IT or other fields, Nadia believes that this kind of service has undeniable potential, in a world where cycles are becoming shorter and shorter and where companies are forced to reinvent themselves very regularly.

As for the Interim Managers, they find greater professional satisfaction when regularly faced with new challenges where they can prove their added value over a limited period of time.

Belgium, land of Interim Managers 


Belgium, as an open country, is a fertile ground for the development of Interim Managers, who are often multilingual and multicultural, which gives them a definite advantage over their neighboring countries.

That's good news for a country where many promising start-ups, in biotech and ICT to name two very promising sectors, do not always have the budgetary resources to hire a full-time CEO and CFO.

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