Finding happiness, for yourself and for others

An artist and his/her producer.

The architect and the contractor: for the most part. they combine the time used for a project, one or more assignments. They do not belong to each other but, in the best case, appreciate each other all the more.

What strengthens the bonds between people is not so much the places they share or the structures that house them, but the common goals they define together. However, without a concrete project and a deadline to respect, without a challenge to meet, it is difficult to find satisfaction in professional or private life.

These times, as tumultuous as they are, paradoxically help us to ask ourselves the essential questions: who do I wish to be for myself, and also for others? How can I really contribute, with my talent and personality, to the human society to which I belong.

I have always had a passion for people. Discovering talent and bringing it closer to those who will benefit from it and move forward, this is the challenge that has occupied us every day, within ADM. for fifteen years.

In the coming years, we will see the arrival of a new generation of young independents, full of talent, ambitious, sometimes impatient. Some will skip steps, and it will be necessary to help them to round the corners, not only to analyze, but also to feel a company, to feel its culture. There will also be seasoned professionals who will want to put all their knowledge and their experience to use, to find a real pleasure in their job, with perhaps less certainty but at the same time more freedom.

Let us not waste time refusing to see the world that opens up to us. lt will shake up the relationship between employers and employees.

Digitalization, forced or assumed coexistence with artificial intelligence, will require our companies to be more agile than ever. Change management will be a principle that will become almost permanent for some of them.

Fast and flexible, the best Interim Managers - and we look forward to continuing to find them and present them to our clients - bring this new breath of air, this free and independent vision, which will ensure the sustainability of a company, whether in continuity or through a merger, an acquisition or a strategie change.

I strongly believe in a future where a generation of independent and talented profiles, followers of "continuous learning" in their field, will find a new balance between personal and professional satisfaction, in a state "of passageĀ· in the companies they temporarily assist. Business leaders and their management committees, who listen to them and be inspired by them, will see their business thrive around ambitious and exciting projects.

The future is a matter of boldness and trust. Let's take on the challenges together!

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