Retrospective: Fifteen years of Pairing Profiles and Projects

By Alexander De Beir, Managing Director

In 2006, I decided to use my professional experience to embark on an exciting new adventure. By creating ADM Financial Casting, my mission was to bring Belgian companies closer to talented financial professionals, who through their experience and their dynamism were able to bring those companies a breath of fresh air and propel them towards new successes. Interim Management was still in its infancy, but I strongly believed in this solution as an alternative to permanent recruitment. In 2007, Nele Langens, decided to join me to write the history of ADM together.

From Schaarbeek to Ixelles first, then expanding into Flanders through an office near Ghent, and then to Leuven in 2019, ADM has never ceased to be as close as possible to its clients, both culturally and geographically as well as professionally. This is why, 5 years ago, we decided to set up a second division more focused on general and operational management, to meet the demands of our clients.

The last fifteen years have not failed to bring their share of (macro)economic turbulence: the financial crisis of 2008 followed by the Euro crisis in 2012, geopolitical tensions, Brexit and the pandemic: these phenomena have given companies the opportunity to show an incredible capacity for resilience, when supported by the right people at the right time.

The project economy is becoming increasingly important. Our indicators show us that this new form of economy is unfolding quicker and more sustainably. The journey traveled in fifteen years' time allows us today to glimpse at the future with conviction and enthusiasm.

At ADM we believe that access to talent is more important than owning that talent. We believe in the projectization of work. We strive to liberate the individual professional by presenting him the right project as an alternative to a permanent recruitment.

We will to continue to deliver the best Interim Managers and project professionals in finance, operations and general management to our customers.

We are honored and grateful to celebrate this 15th anniversary together with you.

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