What is a hero?

What is a hero?

The definition of a ‘hero’ changes according to the disciplinary field in which it is studied. In the eyes of philosophers, a hero is a moral embodiment of good, while anthropologists see in him/her a legendary ancestor, a totemic figure.

And you, what kind of a hero are you? Or which one do you need?

According to psychologists, a hero is above all a model for the psychic development of the child. It is true that we all have memories of heroes who accompanied our childhood. They all had talents and a strong character that allowed them to face the most difficult situations.

The hero, an entrepreneur?

A valiant warrior, a sportsman capable of extreme performances, or a "simple" fellow who, faced with imminent danger, puts his own life at risk to save that of another? The images we associate with a hero are multiple, but rarely linked to the world of business. Yet heroic qualities can be applied particularly well in the workplace.

Maybe, as an entrepreneur, you are looking for a providential hero. Or perhaps you, Interim Manager, who are ready to sometimes take on very perilous challenges, would like to be able to be inspired by a real or imaginary personality who gives you the desire to follow his or her example?

Take the time to read this article and to identify, through emblematic characters, the providential person you are looking for or would like to be in your professional activity.

Let's start at home in Belgium, with the one who embodies THE "hero in business". His name, Largo Winch, has less resonance with our country than that of its creator, Jean Van Hamme, himself heroic and obstinate. Indeed, at the end of the seventies, Van Hamme did not hesitate to give up his career in a multinational, Philips, to devote himself to his passion, writing. He created a character, inspired by multiple international encounters and experiences, a hero with an atypical character and pragmatic nature, who manages to keep a cool head in the face of each upheaval.

By creating Largo Winch, Jean Van Hamme also managed to reconcile in the same character, which would later be available in films, video games, and more, the profile of a boss, who wished to continue to make his business prosper, with the fierce desire to contribute to a better, fairer and more balanced world.

My job is Manager, Interim Manager

In the search for the image of the hero who transcends him/herself from one mission to another, one inevitably comes across Ian Fleming's polyglot, intelligent hero, James Bond, who combines humor and mental and physical abilities to carry out the missions attributed to him. He also knows how to fade away as soon as his mission is over. As a secret agent, discretion is part of his character, which does not prevent him from being outspoken when the situation requires it. If he is not in the service of a private company, he embodies above all the loyal protector, which in the business world, in the face of exacerbated competition or hostile third parties, can be particularly welcome.

Superheroes in business

On the Entrepreneur.com website, the young American Serial Entrepreneur Deep Patel (22 years old) defines 8 Superheroes you need at Your Company. (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/325301)

From The Black Panther, a charismatic leader who does not know fear, but is able to point out inefficiencies and imagine solutions to overcome them, to Spider-Man, the intuitive idealist, who wants to make the world a better place by giving your company a purpose, and whose empathic sense helps to understand what consumers are looking for, Patel describes the type of providential heroes for different companies with multiple expectations.

In his article, Wonder Woman takes a special place. Capable to implement the plans concretely, as a great team player, she turns out to be also very strong when it comes to keeping focus and concentration. As Patel describes the Wonder Women in companies, they are friendly, adaptable and always moving quickly to accomplish goals.

No wonder this personage inspired other parallels with economics, such as the article from journalist John Boitnott (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/295979) :

“How Wonder Woman Is Inspiring Business Leaders Worldwide”

Thor the disciplined, Batman the visionary independent, Captain America, the loyal warm and pragmatic; they all also have their place in the world of business as Patel describes it.

Although, in a company, we do not represent the hero as described by the philosopher Hegel, to whom the hero is distinguished by the gift of self-sacrifice, acquiescence to death for a cause.

However, let us not underestimate the importance of this providentially, this commander who, with his talent and insight, will enable a company to emerge from the biggest storms, or even from a shipwreck.

So, have you met him/her yet, this hero you're looking for?

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