5 different personalities

5 personalities that can make the difference

Below, we briefly outline 5 different profiles based on a distinctive trait. Do you recognize yourself in one of the profiles? Are you missing one of the 5 "types" in your company and are you looking for her/him? Or could he/she temporarily bring a new favorable wind as IM with important responsibilities. Figure it out for yourself. Who knows, you might find the missing link to success here.



"Introverted leadership, the silent power of the introverted leader". The Dutch Karolien Koolhof is an expert in the field of introversion and introverted leadership. She conducted research of 400 different introverted leaders worldwide, also taking the cultural aspect into account. She came to the conclusion that introverts can possess unique and very valuable leadership qualities.

Indeed, the life of an entrepreneur is rich and fully compatible with the hugely exciting inner world that nurtures introverts who are often creative and inventive.


Sometimes, they are described as impatient, impulsive and not very rigorous. Implicating the hyperactives suffer from a gloomy image in the business world. However, their way of thinking "out of the box" offers them great opportunities for professional development...

Individuals with mild forms of ADHD often have a, higher than normal, creative intelligence.

ADHD individuals are often very independent and also a natural cure for consensual thinking (group thinking): they will always be the first to question an idea, simply because it is unanimous.

Accompanied by a rigorous team and innovative management, hyperactive employees will be able to form a source of good ideas for a company or develop themselves into talented leaders in the entrepreneurial professions. We often find them in the less traditional setting of start-ups, where they can put their imagination to extra use.

Often empathetically, they become the real boosters for good atmosphere in a company. They adapt quickly to a changing environment and do not shy away from tough negotiations and debates.

Routine is not their thing, so they have an ideal profile for pursuing an international career and feeding off an everyday foreign culture.

Ingrid Verheul of the Rotterdam School of Management devoted a study to this theme in 2017, entitled HYPERACTIVE PEOPLE MORE LIKELY TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR

Cartesian, thoughtful

People with a Cartesian way of thinking take their time when making a decision. They are level-headed enough to be guided by facts rather than their emotions. They reason logically, with regularity, are often mathematical and orderly, make clear analyses of situations, but have some difficulty in projecting, imagining, dreaming. They need concrete, tangible facts. The IT, digital or data professions are often a good match.

Håvard Åsvoll is Associate Professor of Organization and Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University, Norway. His book "Heidegger and Entrepreneurship: A Phenomenological Approach (Routledge Focus on Business and Management)" is an interesting source to explore the strengths and inhibitions of Cartesian leadership.

The « social dare devil »

They are always the first to gather their employees or friends around them. They are often good speakers, always ready to help and show availability, these social profiles are essential for any business.

They make everyone's daily life less monotonous and forge links with suppliers, customers, employees, trade unions, etc. with great ease. The best negotiators among them stand out for their unfailing diplomacy. Yet they have enough guts, dare to put themselves at risk and also outdo themselves to prove their leadership.

In management and trade negotiations, they excel in good human contact, which is essential for achieving inspiring leadership or sales positions.

Not surprisingly, such profiles are also often found in sectors around social entrepreneurship. The American journalist Shosjanna Delventhal compiled her list of 10 Most Successful Social Entrepreneurs. How many do you know??


Over sensitive

Hypersensitive people have very acute senses and tend to feel things more intensely than others. They were long misunderstood in the workplace where it was almost necessary to be hermetic to emotions. Today, they are increasingly finding their place while unique skills are attributed to them: creativity, diplomacy, loyalty, productivity, will, honesty and empathy.

Hypersensitive people are usually empathic. This characteristic enables them to make rational decisions that also include human parameters. This also makes them excellent coaches who like to share their experiences. In the management professions, their


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