ADM Goodwill Cup 2022

More than 28 teams, 200 participants, 20 charities and ... all of them are winners!


Last weekend, over 200 hockey players competed with all their heart, talent and perseverance to win an extra financial contribution for their charities. We would like to introduce you to all these wonderful initiatives. The initiatives were created through dialogue between young and old(er) entrepreneurs. Some of them organized on an international level, others just recently started locally. But one thing is certain: each and every one of them deserve our attention and appreciation!

Fondation Charcot: fund to fight MS.

Villa Samson: Villa Samson is a unique care facility that allows patients to have contact with their pet (dog or cat) during their hospitalization, if their medical condition allows it.

Hachiko: provides assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Fonds AC: this fund is in memory of Anne-Catherine and has two goals: research into cancer and pregnancy, and support for children and young adults affected by loss.

Save The Children: helps children all over the world with medical care, food, safe havens and education.

Service centre De Triangel: Klaproos offers support to people with an intellectual and additional disability (autism spectrum disorder, behavioral and/or emotional problems, motor, sensory, etc.).

vzw Tout Bien - Okidoki: the initiative "Hey, how's it going?" of the non-profit organization "Tout Bien - Okidoki" wants to draw attention to the problem, and strives for prevention, of suicide among young people in Belgium.

SOS kinderdorpen: SOS kinderdorpen is a worldwide child development organization.

Kom op tegen kanker: the organization mobilizes as many people as possible to work against cancer: as a care volunteer, as an activist or as a donor.

4Brain: 4Brain is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on translational neuroscientific research in epilepsy, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, and cognitive problems, with a specific expertise on neuromodulation.

Afractie: works on the sustainable development goals for the benefit of children and young adults living in poverty in Senegal.

Tejo: offers low-threshold, therapeutic assistance to people between 10-20 years old in Flanders.

Think Pink vzw: fights against breast cancer.

Revive: is committed to creating quality and affordable residential neighborhoods in a sustainable way.

For William: is a crowdfunding initiative to support William who suffers from an extremely rare disease.

The Ocean Cleanup: is a non-governmental organization established to clean up plastic waste from rivers and oceans.

Ujeli Care Centre: works in a preventive and curative way for the health of the underprivileged Nepali children.

PUNT vzw: is an organization that works to improve support for people who experienced sexually transgressive behavior.

Het Belgisch Centrum voor Geleidehonden vzw (BCG): has been training guide dogs for the visually impaired since 1990.

Ter Helme: founded in 1961 as the non-profit organization ‘Holidays for All’, Ter Helme guarantees a carefree leisure experience for associations and families, seniors and young people, people with a disability and the underprivileged.


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