New recruit for ADM Leuven

Cisse Wyn, the youngest member of the ADM team

At the beginning of 2020, ADM opened a third office after Merelbeke and Brussels: on Ladeuzeplein in the center of Leuven. With this location, ADM wants to be even closer to the business world in Flemish Brabant, Limburg and Antwerp and to be able to respond even faster and in a more targeted way to their demand for Interim Managers.

Alexander De Beir also describes Leuven as a thriving city with great collaboration between colleges/universities, research centres, investment companies and the government. “Many interesting spin-offs that result from this collaboration may profit from Interim Managers thanks to their fast-growing character.”

Alexander entrusted the management of the Leuven office to Ilse Josson and Nele Langens. The manager duo recently hired Cisse Wyn. Cisse studied Business Economics at the KU Leuven and also obtained a Master's degree in film studies and visual culture at the University of Antwerp.

A young consultant in a rapidly changing business world

The current context is a particularly exciting time for Cisse to start working at ADM: "As with the financial crisis of 2008, the current health crisis undoubtedly brings about many changes in businesses and in the labor market. And Interim Management is going to be more and more a part of this." Cisse refers to the exponential growth that this market has seen in 15 years, more specifically since the founding of ADM.

Cisse could feel that there has been a change in mentality in recent years. "The younger generation that is now entering the labor market is less inclined to want to build a full career out of the same job. The current Interim Managers have a lot of experience, but I do expect that a rejuvenation process will continue within a certain time frame."

For Cisse, it is also important that diversified higher Interim profiles offer their services. After all, he notices that there is demand in Leuven for CEOs, CFOs and COOs, HR profiles, Change Managers, etc. "Leuven is a hotbed of start-ups. Some have not yet reached a stage where they are looking for such high profiles, but this could certainly happen in the long run. And then it comes down to finding the right profile quickly and efficiently, and ADM is particularly strong at this."

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