Out with the old.

New year has arrived and so should your companies’ new pair of eyes.

In this article we explain the use of a new pair of eyes in your company by means of 6 valid reasons why a new pair can be of essence.

But first, to avoid any misunderstandings, the true explanation of the idiom ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It is an expression mostly used around this time of year but is a misconception to interpretate it as literarily having to throw out all of ‘the old’ in your life. It does not mean the get rid of all your old furniture in your living room, nor managers or working processes within your company. It does mean, when your salon table is unstable to get a look at it, or when a problem within your business keeps occurring to get a permanent more resolving solution. The idiom indicates to get rid of old – nonfunctioning- ideas and welcoming new fresh ones.

Remember when you wrote an essay and were so fixated on it you could read it 10 times and could not see any errors? But when another pair of eyes read it, just with a glance, they could address spellings- or grammatical mistakes? Back then you would be reduced a point or two. Now, in a company the implications are significantly greater.

An Interim Manager is a perfect example of a new pair of eyes within a company and here are 6 crucial reasons why your company needs that outsiders’ perspective:

  • New sparring partner: a new way of working, a solution does not simply appear. It is the result of putting heads together, brainstorming and sparring ideas with each other. An IM is this new sparring partner. He/she is able to bring back movement in the situation.

  • New way of thinking: if something has worked for your company in the past, people have a tendency to keep on implementing the same thing even though the situation likely has changed. An IM helps you alight you of the ‘we’ve-always-done-it-like-this’ thinking.

  • New helicopter view: an IM is often more generalist than specialist. The implementation of an IM can help you take off and create a new helicopter view to help companies see all sides (and solutions) of a problem and all the implications it can have.

  • New network: outside directors, managers bring with them a new network and resources. Because they work in various kinds of companies on different kinds of projects they tend to get in touch with more and different kind of people. They can help you address ‘the man for the job’.

  • New growth: because IM’s are more project than career orientated, their one and only goal is to finish the project as best as can be. They do not have any other objectives in mind. An IM helps realize fundamental changes and according to the Guardian: ‘Growth requires fundamental changes.’

  • New ‘bad guy’: last but not least an IM has no emotional connection to a company, its employees or processes. Because of this it is easier for him/her to question how things are being done. Most people have a reluctance to be seen as ‘this bad buy’ that queries how things are being done. They may also fear being labeled as ‘trouble’ and getting dismissed. An IM does not share this fear and is ready to say boo to a goose. To say it as it is.


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