Happy New…

Editorial – by Managing Director Alexander De Beir

Happy New… Pair of eyes! 

You might have unwrapped them on Christmas morning or got them for new year: virtual reality glasses. The past years they were announced as the "next big thing" in digital technology. And now in 2022… Finally, according to trendwatchers, they can meet the success that has been predicted for them for many years now.

Maybe in 2022 we will not be wearing mouth masks but glasses or helmets filled with artificial intelligence that will allow us to take full advantage of what is called augmented reality. The result: a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Basically, the idea is to optimize the potential of information to capture, through what we see. Result? The reception of a maximum of additional information that the naked eye could not give us. The concept seems so exciting that we can wonder that professionals, from creatives and independents to bosses and major decision-makers, will not also want to equip themselves with this tool. To help them increase their perception of its professional biotope, the efficiency of its production, services and the performance of employees or teams…

Interim eyes… and brains!

However, I do not think that these artificial "eyes" will soon replace the creative insight of the human being. When it comes to seeing, analyzing "gaps" and projecting ideas and solutions in everyday life, a fortiori in the professional space we will always need the emotional touch of a human’s eye.

I wish all bosses and decision-makers who are wondering today, after the turbulent period we have experienced, if their view on their activity and company, is still sharp enough to see where the problems, the dangers and also the opportunities lie, the ability to bring a new pair of eyes to the table. A pair of eyes of highly qualified freelancers, who literally and figuratively, by taking one glance understand a situation. Then intervene, when other people could not see the light at the end of the tunnel because of the lack of hindsight.

These new pairs of eyes will notice how difficult it is today to satisfy employees in their professional world. The recognition of employers for the work done, the meaning that one feels or not feels for the missions entrusted, are among the fundamental elements of professional well-being. I wish everyone to be able to find this satisfaction. Many highly qualified freelancers have become independent to find a better work-life balance. A mode of operation that gives them enough freedom and challenge. Passing ad interim, they will nevertheless detect more quickly the pitfalls posed by an inflexible business leader disconnected from reality, or the frustrating effects of a “Chief Entertainer Officer” who does not care or feel what really motivates his troops.

The Emperor’s new eyes.

In his tale The Emperor's new clothes, Hans Christian Andersen uses the objective, candid and frank gaze of a child to dare to tell the emperor what no one dares to admit to him. In this story The Emperor are the current CEO’s, CFO’s, … The Child stands for IM’s. Managers ad interim generally already have at least some good years of experience, and this objective look, devoid of any internal political intrigue, helps them detect problems and state them. They will also see more quickly if the team in place is frustrated. This is one of the many lessons of this pandemic, the need to feel that the society mentioned on the pay slip is a corporate citizen that takes care of future generations by committing to environmental compliance.

I wish you all a year of clairvoyance. The potential to ever so often observe the context and those around you from a different angle, with more hindsight. First and foremost, to notice the new perspectives that are now emerging on the horizon. Happy New Year to you.


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