A new Director for ADM Brussels

Olivier Verbist, the new Director of ADM Brussels

Graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Master’s Degree and Teacher training course in Law, U.C.L., Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Olivier Verbist has just taken up his post as head of ADM's Brussels office. After a career marked by enriching experiences in the banking and insurance sector, this young and energetic 52-year-old joins a company he already knows quite well.


TIP-IM: So, Olivier, tell us what convinced you to respond favorably to ADM's proposal?

O.V.: First of all, it's a bubbling industry. And the interest in interim management will only grow, that's my belief. In addition, I have known Alexander since the time we both studied law. I learned to appreciate his professionalism and approach when I decided to start a career as an independent professional. Alexander is someone who truly listens to others. He follows people in their career path. It allows him to offer opportunities to the right people at the right time. That's his strength. And he reflects it on ADM.

TIP-IM: You share the values of ADM, but you certainly want to complement them through your own personality?

O.V.: That’s correct. Firstly, I'll be the newcomer and at the same time, the senior (laughs). At 52, I think I can be an accessible interlocutor for bosses and independent professionals who, whether they are 30 or 50, sometimes more easily confide in someone who has a lot of experience. Secondly, my background in human resources allowed me to gain a great deal of experience in this field. Today I can't wait to use it in a different field. Finally, the network that I have been able to build in the banking and insurance sector, will help me advise a fortiori professionals from these important sectors in Belgium.

TIP-IM: In this edition, we focus on the identity and personality of each individual who is continuously shaped through one’s professional experience and personal life. Do you agree with that?

O.V.: These are indeed key concepts: ADM’s role is and will be in the future more than ever to find the right combinations of skills, backgrounds and also the right character to have a good match for each assignment. The soft skills of an IM are fundamental to finding his/her personal style, beyond the technical skills.

TIP-IM: What do you think are the human assets to be promoted, as Interim Manager, in a future where artificial intelligence and digitalization will take a more important role?

O.V.: Artificial intelligence will never replace human intuition and sensitivity, nor people’s relational and emotional network.

TIP-IM: Do you think companies are more likely to use Interim Managers in a post-COVID context? If so, why?

O.V.: In a relatively near future, we are likely to face waves of restructuring. These are opportunities for strategic consolidation or refocusing.

There are also new needs in promising sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, logistics, digitalization, security, etc.

Interim Managers have the advantage of intervening quickly and disappearing just as quickly when their assignments are finished. This is a strength and companies will not be insensitive to it.

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