Editorial by Alexander De Beir

Happy 2021, happy you

Thank you 2020. Sure, you didn't make our lives easy. But at least you forced us to take the time to think. Before, there was always a reason to put these few fundamental questions aside. Due to the lack of time or sometimes courage, we ran from one goal to another, from one deadline to another, while others clung to their certitudes, remained almost paralyzed by their universe that had become too comfortable. And then, 2020, you came. And whether we liked it or not, you forced us to ask ourselves the questions, the real questions. In a way you brought us closer to ourselves, to who we were and who we really wanted to be. For us and for those who are dear to us.

This first TIP-IM of the year is dedicated to the theme of identity. Beware, the term is sensitive, often used clumsily. I do not want to reduce it to mean our origins, our biotope, our roots, as founding as they may be.

I prefer to focus on identity as ipseity, identity of one’s very own; which makes one person unique and absolutely distinct from another. Our personal journey, our destiny, the meaning we can give to our lives from our personality.

Let us not be mistaken about this term. If we are talking about introspection, it is not about withdrawal or isolation. Our identity is shaped and strengthened in the eyes of others, in the way they make us understand that we have something unique. Business leader, entrepreneur, the admiration you reflect by your audacity, your know-how, your creativity, your resilience, stimulates you today to move forward. If 2020 has shaken you, I'm sure you're going to bounce back in 2021. (Young) independent professional, 2020 may have opened your eyes to the path to true personal fulfilment, in symbiosis with a freer and more independent professional life. 2021 will be a year of challenges. More than your identity, it is your personality that will stand out by asserting its raison d'être in the face of artificial intelligence that has become your objective ally.

At the beginning of 2021, ADM's "corporate identity" and the values we hold dear are reinforced by the arrival of Olivier Verbist, who will head our office in Brussels. With his experience, his personality and his human qualities, he is an important added value to ADM, but also and above all to the Interim Managers and companies with whom he will be in constant contact.

I invite you to meet him in the interview dedicated to him.

For 2021, I wish you full personal development and lasting success in all the projects you will lead. I hope to see all of you live again in 2021 !

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