ADM opens 3rd office in Leuven

Becoming closer to customers and Interim Managers in Flemish Brabant, Limburg and Antwerp. 

After Ghent and Brussels, ADM is proud to announce the opening of its third office in Leuven. The Leuven office will be managed by Nele Langens and Ilse Josson.

Interview with Ilse Josson

After obtaining a master's degree in Commercial Sciences, Ilse held positions within external and internal audit and financial and business analysis for about 12 years.

This experience gave her an excellent basis for starting up as a consultant providing financial interim managers to companies.

Something few people know, is that Ilse has also taught autistic children, the blind and visually impaired in accounting and business management for eight years.

In addition to her work achievements, she is married and a proud mother of three fantastic daughters of seventeen, nineteen and twenty years old.

- Why have you decided to be active in this sector and what are the main challenges?

I like to help people and I like to learn. In this job I am daily in contact with various companies and institutions, learning about their activities, working methods and challenges. When needed, I propose one of our interim managers for a project or a temporary role.

It is also nice to be in contact with interim managers, who have all built up their careers and expertise.  I like to find attractive projects for our interim managers and match them with our customers.

Every need from our clients is a new challenge as each company has its unique mix of values, standards, activities, and so forth.  In addition, there is a scarcity of available interim managers. The challenge is to keep up with what is going on with our customers and  which temporary functions/projects our interim managers are active with. 

- Why did you, together with ADM, decide to open a new office in Leuven? And what are the main assets of a location like Leuven for your sector?

With the office in Leuven, we are even closer to our customers and interim managers in Flemish Brabant, Limburg and Antwerp.

In addition, Leuven is a fascinating city with close collaboration between high schools, universities, research centers, investment companies and the government. This creates interesting, fast-growingspin-offs, which need interim managers.

Leuven is also close to Zaventem Airport, an area around which many international firms have established themselves.  Limburg is also easily accessible from Leuven.

- How do you see the interim management sector evolve further in Belgium (and abroad)?

I see a positive trend. The world is changing faster and faster, companies need to adapt to this, which means they have different needs in terms of experience and knowledge. Also more project teams are being planned. For these two challenges, the specific knowledge of our interim managers provides a flexible solution.

- Are there differences between the offices in Leuven, Brussels and Ghent in terms of approach, target groups, priorities and so forth?

Each region has its specific target groups. Leuven is specialized in Hightech (for example Imec) and Health (University Hospital Gasthuisberg). It is a center of creativity with many start-ups. Around Zaventem there are more international companies. Limburg is more focused in production.

Even if there are some differences in terms of professional environment, our three offices definitely share the same characteristics: we are fast, precise and flexible: One week, one name!

And, we share the same values:  Entrepreneurial, No Nonsense, Client driven, Friendly.

ADM LEUVEN : +32 (0)1 647 37 35
Ladeuzeplein 9 - 3000 Leuven

picture of Ilse Josson

Ilse Josson

picture of Nele Langens

Nele Langens


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