Hiring an Interim Manager … reduces risk

This statement may surprise many. And especially in the current economic climate, which may seem unsuitable at first sight for hiring a high interim profile. Today, some companies prefer to minimize “external costs” while waiting for better days. Uncertainty is synonymous with caution but not always a good counselor. It all depends on the questions imposed by the current context: should we review the operation and the business model of the company or not? In other words, would the company remain perfect outside of today's context?

Or should it be preparing to adapt further and quicker to a constantly changing context?

Our experience shows us that, provided we have a highly qualified intermediary who knows the field, independent people engaged on temporary assignments, in fact, allow companies to reduce many risks. Skeptical? Read on and decide for yourself:


The interim manager will only be paid as long as he or she produces a satisfactory job. Not another day. It is therefore up to the one who hires a person to measure his or her added value and to make the right decision. "No cure, no pay." As an intermediary, our profit stops at the same time as the added value provided by Interim Managers on the missions which they are assigned for. That's why we know how essential it is that the person we choose for the job is as skilled as possible. In other words, we ensure a win-win-win.

In an uncertain world, it is an undeniable asset compared to the risk and the financial commitment a classic hiring entails.  This is true in particular, when the new recruit goes through a period of expensive training before being able to show its real added value. For an Interim Manager, the training has already taken place. He or she will often be overqualified for the mission. When it is temporary, it profits the one who hires.


It is a classic factor in hiring that often results in failure. Due to lack of time, a thorough screening of the person involved does not always take place. Or the check of the advanced skills in the CV. We take this risk on us and relieve you of this constraint, proposing quickly, within a week, a candidate who we think is "made for the job". It allows you to be more responsive than ever.



It is clear that most of the time Interim Managers are there to bring about change, to facilitate a transition. Your business may not be quite the same afterwards. Just like the world that evolves every day. Faced with this option, the risk of the status quo is much greater. To stagnate is to go backwards.

Dirty, unpopular jobs

Many companies are currently directly involved in recruitment processes.

But dirty work is sometimes necessary to ensure the sustainability of the company. Today, we are talking about “cost killers” who need to cut down finances or

providers of a “corona-proof” operational management and the constraints it entails. However, there is a great risk that executives, managers and employees, who have been an integral part of the company for a number of years, will be reluctant to take unpopular measures that could have an impact on the general atmosphere, the established relationships and even, in the long run, on their own stability in the company.

Independent managers, recruited for specific assignments, already have the experience of these delicate contexts, and their personal detachment only makes their temporary dedication more real. Here, too, the solution of managing a delicate project entrusted to an external person, limits the risk of unsatisfactory results.

Sharing the risks to reduce them

However, one fundamental point remains: a risk decreases if it can be shared by people taking their responsibilities. Entrusting the search for a skilled Interim Manager to an intermediary who knows both the company as well as the pool of highly qualified independent people and their professional and personal qualities is fundamental. When companies start their research, they should make sure that whoever is in charge of finding them the ideal profile thoroughly understands their activity, culture and goals.

This is the way ADM approaches its clients queries and lives up to its reputation. 

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