Conference 180620

Eager to view the best bits of ADM’s conference on June 18th on projectization and digitalization of work? 

Curious to listen to how VRT journalist, author and A.I. specialist Tom Van de Weghe, Private Equity Investor and M80 Partners CEO Peter Maenhout, digital humanist and author of Artificial Stupidity Fredo De Smet and ADM CEO Alexander De Beir imagine our future as humans off the traditional work floor? 

How will young and older generations (have to) integrate A.I. and project-based work in a new kind of work-life balance? 

To view the best bits of the conference, please click on the image below.

Many thanks to our tremendously interesting guest speakers for their gripping contribution to ADM’s conference on digitalization and projectization of work. 

The entire debate can be watched at any time on adm.broadcaststream.euNo login or password is required.

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Click and watch our 4 experts' insights and conclusions on the further digitalization and projectization of the economy.

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